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    Last night I saw 5 guys use a river to create a mountain in very short time. With almost no dirt they completely terraformed the area creating huge elevation with water hanging wierdly on sides (flowing nowhere, just hanging like a forcefield wall).

    Does anyone know what is the trick, how to do that?

    Added after 18 minutes:

    I just went there to check it out, it has to do with leading the water downhill, it seems that game will create mountains for you if you lead water away from main flow and downhill. Nice way to avoid bringing dirt, let game generate tons of rock and dirt for you to preserve water flow. Although its ugly as "waterfalls" end up in the ground flowing nowhere. Anyone knows more?

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    But dirt is, right?

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    Ya this happens when you try to flood to large of an area, the water dams itself, creating a pool maybe... 3-5m x 10m? High enough to block all the water.

    The mechanic as work here is you can't change the level of water, and you can't flood the entire world. So this is what happens.

    Not sure of the area you mean, but it's not always really ugly with water flickering on the sides or whatever. I've done it a few times on areas where the ground was only slightly lower than the water level to start, and it looked good.

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    you can make narrow channels with water through the land..... but after some distance from the river the water get bugged and it doesent fill the digged area...

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