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    And a Grandmaster is born!!!!

    Front shot of the Helm.

    Shot of the Title on the helm.

    The British Empire leading the way !!!
    Be A Man Join Today.

    The British Empire

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    you caught some of warmonger's epic rp.

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    Your Lenis is pongest, really. Gratz on your achievement, it takes dedication to get there so fast.

    Serious question: Is there anything you get from grand master title except for a silly cool looking hat?

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    To be honest being a small tribe on a fairly big junk pile it was inevitable, the hat is all I get at the momment and as soon as they introduce being an inventor and the ability to create my own tailoring item I of course will be in the running for it.
    Be A Man Join Today.

    The British Empire

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    Got Grand Master today, helm looks funny.


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