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    Using skill points

    Does anyone know if putting skill points into a skill resets the partial-experience you had gained towards that skill?

    For instance I have 25 in foraging, I've been using it for a bit, and internally the value of my foraging is 25.76. I spent skill points to bring my foraging up one point, would my foraging skill go to 26.76 or just gets rounded to 26?

    My gut tells me it gets rounded to 26, but I haven't been able to test this.

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    Seems to add a whole +1. I have spent points and immediately gained another point afterward through use.

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    Good to know. I've been saving my points to use right after a skill gain.


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    The other day I put a bunch of points into leathercraft then managed to gain a skill point in it (I think it was the 43rd) 2 leather straps later. So I'd say that it definitely does not reset your current progress.

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