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    Weavers helmet. Hiding trick?

    Found a wierd glitch at least I think it's a glitch. When I am wearing the weavers helmet and I hide, the brim of my hat camoflagues into the background making it look invisible.

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    Hm, I might have to try to make the entire outfit and see how that goes, then! Please tell me the helmet is the only item of that set you have yet!
    It seems I've singed a troll or two too many with my trusty flamethrower, and now hark! The ban hammer hovereth. Troll me more, and I'll see it falls on your head and not on mine, by the power of the report post button.

    On a side note, I'm sorta cranky, but I love you all anyway!

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    I'm pretty sure weaver helmet is the only item called weaver so yes it's the only item of that set I have.

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    It's not a set, it's just a random hat.

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