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    Starting with helms

    is it normal to start BC with bone stake and 2 helm recipies? I did select BC at the start, it doesnt seem like much? Are helms a seperate "set" in bonecrafting? maybe im unlucky to not start with anything from a full set if you kow what i mean.

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    I rerolled like 10 times before I got more then those 3 recipes you mentioned at start.
    As for those starting helmet recipes, if you check the bonecrafting recipe list on this forum, it suggest that its like separate "set"(altho all other sets have one helmet also enlisted)

    Dont know if you can gain recipes from other sets by grinding(there was a lot of discussion about it lately on forums). Till the time I managed to gather some bones for crafting I already had around 10 new recipes learned from other sets(got them from scavenging) and 40 in Bonecrafting skill(raised by points from main experience lvling).

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    That's how I started. Had to grind out the levels with stakes and those helms (plus putting level-up points into it) until I hit 35 and learned a Hugaletti bearbone pattern.

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