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    Political / Tribe Map - WiP

    Im using this site here as a tool to create a map, this map is merely a tool to create a non limited and more permanent map. (so i can see where to put the markers on the other flash map)

    Tribes that want to have their marker there please add it. (Anyone can add markers to this, i will be removing markers as they are added to the proper map)

    - Tribe name
    - Exact Cordinates
    - Neutral / evil / good
    - Members
    - website

    Will have a sample of the flash map tomorrow when i have some tribes to add to it

    Germania - Added to Flash Map
    Endless Tribe - Added to Flash Map
    VietCong - Added to Flash Map
    Evolution - Added to Flash Map
    Eidolon Empire - Added to Flash Map
    Casino - Added to Flash Map
    New Eden - Added to Flash Map
    Forsaken - Added to Flash Map
    Templar - Added to Flash Map
    Harlequin - Added to Flash Map
    Divided Allegiance - Added to Flash Map
    Deathwatch - Added to Flash Map
    Pandemic - Added to Flash Map
    Nomads of Xsyon - Added to Flash Map
    Sons of Liberty - Added to Flash Map
    Lux Aracana - Added to Flash Map
    Dark Hand of Valor - Added to Flash Map
    Ghost Dance - Added to Flah Map
    The Audacian Republic - Added to Flash Map
    Fallen Lords - Added to Flash Map
    Society Of Anvil - Added to Flash Map
    The Nest - Added to Flash Map
    420 - Added to Flash Map
    Fist Through screen - Added to Flash Map

    Will be uploading the First Flash Map in a few hours.
    Here is a screenshot of it (nothing special)

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    should put precise coordinates in descritpion

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    Quote Originally Posted by STAR_GOD View Post
    should put precise coordinates in descritpion
    Good one, added that

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    good work keep it up I will send you list of know tribes coordinates

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    Updated: Can the tribes there verify their locations?

    If its not spoton you can move the markers yourself

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    Very interesting I like it !
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    I like this too! good thinking,
    hmm make my tribe look like I am in the center of 864.. when more like I'm on the boarder of 904 and 864 my tribe is in both zones.. :P
    Click the Following Pictures, if you are interested in Either Fallen Lords
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    Typo: zone 704 say's it's zone 744 (744 is above it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by furanku View Post
    I like this too! good thinking,
    hmm make my tribe look like I am in the center of 864.. when more like I'm on the boarder of 904 and 864 my tribe is in both zones.. :P
    Updated with some still samples as well

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    Is probably best if you let the tribes add themselves if they want... im sure there are some who want to stay reasonably anon, secret location etc.

    Doing a name and location could be a very bad idea if the tribe didnt volunteer the information themselves.

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