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    Secret to raise hiding

    Would somebody spill the beans on how to raise hiding? I have not been able to raise it one point.
    Thank you....

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    Has been mentioned a few times. Spam it a bajillion times. Hide. Unhide. Repeat.

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    do something other than hiding and raise it with the skill points you get from crafting.
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    certainly not by macroing.

    edit. ps. at lvl91 hiding you are still "ghost" to someone who has a 60 perception.

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    what do you mean by that? are you saying that hiding is pretty worthless even at 91?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    fixed it for ya, because we all know that's what you do.
    Lol my hiding skill is 21, had i been macroing it would have been way higher by now. sorry Ill were not all pissed off at the world like you are.

    Also once your terraforming gets up to around 70 you start getting way less exp than you did at 5, from 5-100 you might get 3 levels and then its a chore to grind exp with it.
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    I'm saying that at 91 you are visible to someone with a perception as low as 60.

    Here is what you look like:

    terrain does play a role though:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirius View Post
    what do you mean by that? are you saying that hiding is pretty worthless even at 91?
    I think your mistaken, if you dont move and stand next to a tree you can pretty much be invisible. if you start running around you get that predator look when cloaked.

    On your screen you always look the same, on other players screen depending on there perception you fade to almost nothing.

    I have 90 perception and player with 90+ hiding is pretty hard to spot until they start moving, or until i turn on shadows.

    Atmos get some one else to take the screen shot of you. because you will look like that with 5 hiding and 100 hiding you client will never see a change in how hidden you are, players with 5 hiding go into the mode and they think there hidden on my screen there normal.

    your client is not a accurate way to tell how well hiding is working.
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    also try to see if distance makes a difference, AlexTaldren has pretty high hiding i think he was about 50m from me and i have 90 perception, i did see him because he was moving but had i not been paying attention or he was still i wouldn't have seen him. also another time i collided with him and that made me target him.

    how ever if you go start next to ghost construction then you are pretty hard to spot.
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