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    Competitive Crafting

    I would like to see crafting brought into the arena of competition.

    This is a broad outline. Adjust the variable as you see fit.

    But for example:

    A crafter reaches 100 in their skill. At this point the game begins to record their successfully crafted items of impeccable quality.

    An item of impeccable quality must be created with the highest quality tools, mats, etc.

    So for example the game would remember the top 5/10 crafters in the world by this number.

    Best Crafter: Most items of impeccable quality created.
    Second Best Crafter: Second most items of impeccable quality created.
    Third Best Crafter: Third most items of impeccable quality created.

    And so on.

    So that crafters who reach 100 in their skill are still able to compete for a top spot and therefore the ability to create a legendary quality of items.

    So for example we'll say that a 100 quality sword is best you can make.

    The top weapon crafter in the world would be able to create a 'better' than top quality weapon, we'll say 110 QL.

    Then as you go down the list you could lower that extra QL bonus. So maybe the second top weapon crafter in the world could make a 108 QL weapon.

    And so on.

    This would give crafters who are serious about specializing in being the best of the best in their chosen craft something higher to obtain that just what everyone else can do.

    It would also make their items highly prized and their company well sought after. Also crafters who compete will feel pressured to keep their spot and not loose that ability.

    All of the variables here are just numbers to give an example of the idea. I'm not arguing for any certain numbers.

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    This is a pretty good idea. On the feature list, they already discussed having Grandmasters in skills being contacted by the devs to create a new in-game item, but I believe that's far off.

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