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Thread: Hunter's Chat

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    Hunter's Chat

    Hello everyone.I am the lead animator
    of project.
    I will put some animations for the game here.

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    Re:Animations of Game

    Hey Hunter,
    I'm not sure if this is a troll or not... But if you are lead animator, I have to say very nice job so far. Animations are looking very smooth from what I've seen in the videos.

    We should get a sticky for this post. Can't wait to see some new animations!

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    Re:Animations of Game

    Looking good. Nice to see some new pets in the works.

    On the topic of combat animations:

    The feedback from the pre-order players in-game seems to be that the melee strikes are very fast but the blocking/parrying animations are so slow that they cannot be activated in time to block a strike.

    Is this something that still needs to be balanced or is it maybe because the character isn't skilled up enough for it to be faster?

    Edit: I know this is a thread for new animations to be posted so I won't bombard you with a bunch of questions. I just couldn't help myself with this one because it seems to be a hot topic of concern.

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    Re:Animations of Game

    I like it so far, keep up the good work.

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    Re:Animations of Game

    animations are great from what I can see in the videos. The puppy animation looks great Good job I say !

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    Re:Animations of Game

    That puppy animation is superb. Thanks for letting us see it.

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    Re:Animations of Game

    Very nice animations there.

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    Re:Animations of Game

    Hunter wrote:

    Puppy dog,some animations.

    TO Derek : Thanks)
    Nice animations!

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    Re:Animations of Game

    What does the puppy sound like when you kick it?
    [img size=500][/img]

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