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Thread: Macro Defense?

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    Macro Defense?

    Since these are looked down upon by most, if not all games, I will assume there is something in place to stop people using macro programs?

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    Re:Macro Defense?

    god lets hope so, If I see another speed hack I am going to slit my own throat.

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    Re:Macro Defense?

    Just make the game so that you do not need to farm and macro to compete with the best. Player skill should be more imported then hard coded skill. Thus a good new player with just a sword should be able to beat a fully armored high skilled person with the best weapons if he sucks.

    This would mean less macroing. Would off course also be nice to have some mechanics implemented to counter it.

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    Re:Macro Defense?

    If the combat system exists as I've heard it described, I wouldn't expect macros to take the place of player skill. You don't see them often in FPS games, and you don't see them often in first-person MMOs. Where I see a lot of macroing is where players find a grind, and don't want to waste their time with a pointless activity to advance.
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    Re:Macro Defense?

    Macroing is going to happen anytime someone can skill up while afk macroing.

    I see macroing being a small part but, I would need to see more of the game to understand it more.

    Ive seen macros in just about every MMO, from Guildwars to Silkroad online, WOW, EVE, EQ, DarkFall you name it.

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    Re:Macro Defense?

    I say make it to where people 1 arn't able to macro, or 2 don't have to macro....

    Thing is macros are inevitable

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