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    The rarity of skulls and the use of bone stakes?

    So right now we have a recipe attainable at 25 skill in bonecrafting: hellhole death bone.

    The chest piece requires a human skull which, to my knowledge, no one has ever found in over 3 weeks of scavenging. It is rumored it requires a very very high skill in scavenging to find even one. Does anyone see a disconnect here between the level of scavenging you need to find this ultra rare crafting mat.... for a beginning level crafting recipe?

    Furthermore - bone stakes. We have metal stakes, wooden stakes, and bone stakes. Currently these are not interchangeable. If a building requires wooden stakes, you can only use wooden stakes, etc. I don't think anyones found a use for bone stakes yet either because of the ridiculously high amount of exclusivism and specificity in crafting.


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    I've found several human skulls. More often than I find circular saw blades, but less often then old saw blades. If that helps any.

    But you're right I didn't start finding them until at least lvl 60-70 scavenging (as far as I can remember it wasn't early on).

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    Picture proof please, you'd be the first person to find one, much less more than one and a lot of ppl have scavenging skills above 90.

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    Thanks for letting me know they're valuable. I shall polish them daily.

    Now if we can get someone to find suede.
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    ok 2nd question when did you find these?

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    From my conversations in local I'm not the only one either.

    I can't say when exactly. I'm a weaponcrafter and have only dabbled in bonecraft so far, so while I was under the impression that they were rare I had no idea they were of any greater importance. That being the case I didn't exactly mark a date on the calendar or make a mental note of finding them. If I had to guess I would say last week sometime.

    Just as an encouragement that they are out there, the two in the screen are just there to show that I've found more than one.

    I haven't even reached lvl 90 scavenging yet (though I'm real close). Last week I would have been somewhere in the 60s-70s though. Also I chose scavenging as one of my beginning skills. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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    I'm a weapon crafter as well with a scavenging of 96 and haven't really scavenged this week is why I ask when, cause I know jooky made some updates recently and these might have been added. Also another question that is of some importance what is your int and perception still trying to figure out if that is something that affects higher end/rarer items like this.


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    Could you tell us Trenchfoot what is your Charm stat as well?
    You may wonder why I ask for Charm since it doesnt have direct affect on scavenging but i always wondered if maybe this atribute have indirect effect since manual says that charm affects "Luck"... and maybe Luck has influence on what we can scavenge

    Ps. Trench wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by Trenchfoot View Post
    From my conversations in local I'm not the only one either.
    That may suggest that certain items can be found maybe only in certian areas - just guessing.

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    Perc 70
    Intel 70
    Charm 9

    Nothing special.

    EDIT: It was winter though. Forgot to add that. I've only found them while snow is on the ground. Since the snow has left I haven't found one.

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