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Thread: Agro and kiting

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    Agro and kiting

    We were in IRC and discussing kiting, that is, using one player to distract a NPC while another player comes up and stabs the NPC in the back.

    How could one stop this from happening?

    The idea we came up with was that it would be easy enough to detect someone coming in and out of an NPCs agro range, so if the NPC detects this then it simple holds position and does not give chase.

    A cooler system would be to, once the NPC detects this, calls on a near by NPC to come assist in dispatching the intruders.

    However, having said all this I don't believe a NPC guard simply realizes on sight.

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    Re:Agro and kiting

    If you're talking about this concerning monsters then I believe that they will be in packs of a sort and I imagine that tactics like that won't fully work.

    And if you're talking about NPC guards for towns thenmaybe once a player from an enemy tride has been seen the guard could run to the tribe totem to raise an alarm? Thus notifying all NPC guards of the hostile players.
    Brum, brum.

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    Re:Agro and kiting

    Yeah, I mainly mean NPC guards.

    That's would be quiet the intense system, to set that up

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    Re:Agro and kiting

    Having the ability to stab in the back deeply appeals to my D&D side. Backstabs shouldn't be considered exploiting in my opinion, but it would be interesting to see an NPC aware of more than one enemy.

    I can imagine him changing his guard stance to better face both enemies. A system that comes to mind is Assassins Creed's, although that would probably be ridiculous to implement in an online game.

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