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    Skills, leveling, and the inevitable macros

    How are you going to handle afk macroing and running/ swimming to gain skills?

    All games which have a skill approach such as this one have run into the problem of players macroing to artificially raise skills.

    Is there already someting in place to counter this? Or will there be GM's keeping it under control?

    Keep in mind that games which do not address this problem early enough or correctly usually end up with huge disparities between players, and then correct it too late and do nothing except make people angry

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    Re:Skills, leveling, and the inevitable macros

    Amazing question! I completely second this motion.

    I have always dislike macroers/afkers and having to do the same just to not be out of league really pisses me off, it ruins the game.

    Please try to have a good way to deal with that. (The following is not my opinion, just what I have read form macroers)I do not know much of the game mechanics yet so maybe they are not so boring/repetitive as to encourage macroing ( That's what they say) in this case that would be amazing. I recognize it might not be something easy to achieve but please try your best to make it less tedious and if there is no way around it.. then work hard on those counter-macroing measures.

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    Re:Skills, leveling, and the inevitable macros

    Jordi has said that skills will have a soft cap and in the feature section of the game said that everyone will start out as "heros" and not as noobs. I read this to mean that every new character will have a good set of starting skills. So if you raise a skill further others will tend to decrease. So would you want to macro say running and lose combat skills as a consequence?

    Of course this is just speculation until skill management is in game and we are in game.

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    Re:Skills, leveling, and the inevitable macros

    They could always put in a skill gain cap per day. LOTRO does this with deeds and fishing. It doesn't matter how many times you fish per day, your skill will only level up 10 times in a single day.

    You can also think of this from a realistic standpoint. A new martial arts student, doesn't matter how much he practices in the first day, he is not going to be a master at the end of the day. A baker could make 10 cakes in one day. He's not going to see any drastic improvement in his skill level. That only happens over time. He may learn a new technique or two in a day, but that's about it.

    If something like that was implemented AFK macroing wouldn't be a huge boon. Just login every day and do what you are interesting in doing. You like being a tailor? Then login and tailor clothes. If you enjoy it then you will probably hit the max cap each day.

    Back to the LOTRO reference. It takes 20 real days to max fishing. So if someone has maxed it out, you know they spent the time to do it. Xsyon could increase/decrease this time for different skills in the game. AFK macroers do it becaues they can see significant gains in a short period of time. If you limit the gains, then is becomes less entertaining as an idea.

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