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    Bonecraft Sets Available Now

    Bonecrafting sets now available from New Quahog in 1058. I'm a level 83 bonecrafter with every pattern in the game. A collection of screenshots of most of the sets is below (I'm missing screenshots of human bone sets due to the scarcity of human skulls) to see what they all look like.

    We're currently looking for several human skulls to complete the Deathbone sets. Trading or paying well for them.

    Contact Agayek or Wang in game to hash out mats/prices.

    Current Bonecraft Skill Level: 93

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    you forgot to list the Carson Deerbone Set.
    also the helm on the Washoe set looks totally differnt (want to add whoever designed should be ashamed).

    Other than that good post

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    That is the Washoe helm. It looks exactly like that.

    And I don't yet have screenshots of the Carson or Welmetti sets up. Just finished making the sets of those today and am going to add those into it sometime in the next couple days.

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    you mean you give me horrible images to try and do something with.

    on that note, needs more human skulls.

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    yeah gotta correct myself here , i mixed it up with the welmeti set (now that helm is a disgrace, i looks like a duncehat:P).
    sorry mt, still good post and much appreciated....(even more if youd add info to you advertisement , i.e. waht level skill each set require).

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    Welmeti helmet = jackalope?

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    Just about. At least it looks better than the Washoe. That thing looks like you mugged the Statue of Liberty.

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    Bump for great justice and the inclusion of the Master's Bone Helm

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    Nice work.

    Looking forward to a completed human bone set.

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    ok so waht does this mean ? is there anything above Washoe? tell me , because i havent found anything higher

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