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Thread: Weapon sets?

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    Weapon sets?

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed the same "behavior".

    I started with 5 weaponcrafting and no recipes (bugged). Managed to get myself a couple of recipes, one axe and two clubs to start grinding with. By the time I hit 10, I had gained all club and axe recipes but am now gaining points and no more recipes. No knives or shovels or picks.

    It seems, then, that weapons are indeed divided into groups by type. I have a pick recipe but need to get to 25 to learn it and the only knife I have found was a dud, learned it but didn't actually gain any recipe (bugged).

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    just random.
    i started at 25 am now at level 41 and have unlocked most of the weapons except 3 knifes and 3 shovels.
    and the easier recipes i got not at the beginning but they were rather later.

    if you are right then by my recipe unlocks following system would apply (from 1 easiest to 5 hardest): 1. picks 2. axes 3. knifes 4. clubs 5. shovels.

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    I started a lev 5 grinded A bit got Knives clubs and axes just from grinding then when i hit 25 i used pick recipe then grinded and learned the rest of pick set.If that helps...

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    I had to load showel and knife to start getting showels and knifes. Axes and bats seems to be banded together.

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