I'm trying to create a detailed list of item rarity and scavenger finding rates on certain resource locations and it's a daunting task to do on my own. If you are interested in helping out I can include your name in the final results which will probably in the form of a comprehensive and detailed Scavenging guide.

I ask that only those with 100 Scavenging help so that we may keep things constant. An example of what I'm looking for is say 300+ scavenges on <resource> (grass, granite, junkpile, water+limestone, limestone, sand, road, terraformed land, etc) making note of how many times you "missed" and got nothing, and how many times you "hit" and what you found when you did "hit"

Things that also should be included in the information are your perception and intelligence stats, the number of lucky horseshoes in your inventory, and the zone in which you are scavenging.

Here is an example of what I have been doing in excel: