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Thread: hellhole set

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    hellhole set

    ok i just started bonecraft and i used one recipe for the hellhole set.Do you have to find all the recipes because i cant seem to get the rest of the set from grinding.I was 25 when i used thr recipe and lev 29 now and have learned nothing else.

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    I've been getting recipe unlocks every 10-15 items steady. Not sure what the issue is with you.

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    i did with the 1st set zephry deerbone that i started with then after i used the hellhole recipe i havent got another one.was just thinking if its a rare set you have to find.

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    You do not have to learn it solely through patterns. I learned the vast majority of it through grinding crafts. It sounds like you've just been incredibly unlucky.

    It may help to carry some Lucky Horseshoes when you craft. I can't confirm it, but I've heard rumors that it makes you more likely to learn new patterns (and less failures when you craft as well).

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    ok then thanks guess ill keep grinding

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    also depends on your INT if its at 10 its going to take a while to proc all the recipes in the set.
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    im at 74 int

    ok got 1 at 32 not sure whats up with it taking so long but i am getting them i guess

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