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    Anyone need anything made, let me know.

    Hey gang, I would like to offer my services to anyone that needs it, I can do Arch, 11 of the 12 tents already, can make all tools, all but a few weapons and have my tailoring and leather up to 50 apiece with all the needed recipes.

    so if you'd like something made for free all you need to do is bring me the stuff to make it and I'll be more than happy to make ya whatever you want.

    As far as Arch is concerned we'll have to set up a time to do that, obviously I need to come to your place and join tribe. Already done some work for Rambo yesterday and made some free tools for Rosso and Tigerbarb and a few other homesteaders.

    Donations appreciated in the form of recipes and screws.

    Please send me a PM here first and I'll tell you how to contact me, if you can't follow those simple steps than I'm afraid I can't help ya.

    I am located in zone 904. I do a lot of travelling and something may be possible for me to bring stuff out to you, but then donations are not optional I would require some screws for my time. The numbers of screws would be determined by number of zones I'd have to cross to reach ya.

    I don't work for evil homesteaders or tribes and if you've got a rep for being a D-bag same goes for you too even if you are neutral.

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    From our limited dealings with him he appears to be quite reliable,honest and good natured.

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    Another satisfied customer is Luna, also skills now at arch 32 (all recipes) Toolcrafting 61, leatherworking 51, tailoring 64, weaponcrafting 63, masonary 86, woodcrafting 69 if you need any masonary or woodworking done. All you need are the mats and I'll be happy to make anything you want or need for free.

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