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    Family Tree and Lineage - Introduction to Kinships

    I had this idea in mind as I was playing LOTRO earlier today. Now, do not fear, the systems in LOTRO have nothing to do with this one. Basically, after reading up on tribes and stuff I realized that there were certain limitations to tribes and using one as a usergroup itself could be tricky. So, I thought of another system to implement that could compliment the use of tribes, and interact with it as well. Think of this of a sub-class of sorts.

    What is a Kinship?

    A kinship would be similar to what is classified in most MMO's as a guild, but more so, it would reflect upon a system similar to that of the Nobles in a Feudal System... with a few twists.

    A Kinship doesn't have to be apart of one tribe, in fact, there could be x amount of tribe A, and X amount of tribe B, with no limit as to what tribe a member is apart of. Basically, the kinship serves more as a player group than an actual faction based tribe... however, it could have features to it that may come into play with tribal politics.

    The Power of Family

    A Kinship as far as game mechanics go, would be a family. You could adopt members to be apart of this family, set ranks or titles, you could marry, disown, adopt, and even breed and create new family members this way. Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers, Grand Fathers, or Grand Patriarchs... the titles and possibilities are endless, and would actually be easily tied within a family tree.

    This doesn't necessarily have to work like a traditional family. You could work this system much like a mafia family as well. Baically what the family does in the end, aside from all the fluff of having character titles, being able to marry or have children, it creates a system of inheritance. Rights to possession.

    Lets say a patriarch is perma-killed, then his possessions go to the next in line of the grand ranks of heirarchy. To who this would be, and to what extent would be done through a kinship manager.

    There are many other systems though that could be implemented with this. Wars, alliances, bounties... Kinships could associate them with a particular alliance, or even a particular tribe... or many tribes.

    For instance, let us say that X Family is Allied with Tribe A.

    There could be a noble system introduced where a particular kinship is marked as a noble of a certain tribe. The Tribe leader would then be able to allocate land for this family to build on within the tribe boundaries... land that can not be touched except by the family itself. The only way to counteract this is of course, if the Tribe Leader, exiles the family or breaks off the alliance. In return, the family will work the land, or defend the tribe.

    I know a lot of my thoughts are jumbled here, but I think having two seperate systems like this could offer a lot of opportunities.

    If people want to throw in thoughts or ideas of their own, or even critique what is already here, please do!

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    Re:Family Tree and Lineage - Introduction to Kinships

    This sounds like a good idea that could be implemented between roleplay tribes. The tribal system lends itself to clans, families, etc. It would add subtlety to player interactions and lead to roleplay event ideas.

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    Re:Family Tree and Lineage - Introduction to Kinships

    I don't think perma death is going to work how you think it will. Xsyon said when you perma die the items you possess will just go to your other blood line character. They are already going to implement something similar to this.

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