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    Anyone started with the four sets of basketry?

    Hello everyone. Just curious for those who has all four set/styles recipe.
    Hugaleti style.
    Welmeti style.
    Washoe style.
    Pauwalu style.
    If you do have all four, please provide pic/screenshot.
    And of the four sets, which do you prefer, like?

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    I only have 2 Welmeti and Pauwalu.
    That's at 90 intelligence/Spirit (with no rerolls).
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    Started with Welmeti style. Washoe style. im primarily combat so 10 dex 10 int 90 perception.

    also i got about 8 recipes from those styles in addition to the ones that everyone starts with.
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    I started with only the Washoe baskets. Screenshot below.
    Here are the Washoe baskets:

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