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    Optimizing teepee basket storage

    So, yes, I am a geek. And I am a basket maker. In EQ, in 2000, I was that annoying person hawking 10 slot bags from the cave in the West Commons. It's a bad habit.

    I spent a good deal of this evening futzing around with how to make teepee storage more dense. My understanding is that when decay comes in, baskets will decay and anything not in storage will decay faster (correct me if I'm misled -- I wasn't in beta).

    But my experience with 50-slot bins, is that trying to place them in any density at all is a lose. I mean look at this:

    That's about 750 slot of storage, but it's hard to put a basket where you want and you'll get a lot of "unable to place" message once you get a few on the floor.

    Now what I noticed is that when you make the baskets they place more densely, and the little baskets much more densely than the 50 slots. I have a cylinder basket -- the Washoe Gift Basket -- with a very small footprint. By loading grass on my back and crafting the basket with my nose crammed in the corner of the teepee, and then crafting later ones while wiggling back just a step in various directions when I start getting "cannot place" messages, I can get a density like this upper right corner:

    There are only about 520 spaces in that dense little bit of corner, but there are a couple things -- I left some bins there for purpose of easy access to certain inventory (labels for bins *PLEASE?*) so it isn't as dense as it could be -- and I ran out of grass in my pile and I have to go to bed.

    But that's 520 spaces in less than a quarter of the floor. I am pretty happy with that.

    Now, if we could only build pantry shelves. Forage forklifts! A grrl's gotta dream...

    But I believe I'm probably going to be able to fit 4-5 times as much storage in a teepee with 35 slot small cylinders by making them at the density they get placed as they are made, rather than placing them by hand and using larger 50 slot bins.

    If this doesn't make sense...well, I'm up too late, I'll clarify tomorrow.

    Happy Easter for those observing it! I'm probably keeping the easter bunny away with my mad ramblings...


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    what i think is crazy is i started with those same 5 basket recipes.
    TokTok - Axe Welding Basket Weaver

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    Don't have that recipe in live but we did have it in beta. Wondered if it might be possible to squish more in some how - thanx for the pics. Personally I like mine all lined up and have gotten between 12 and 15 of the big baskets all in rows and columns in each teepee. It would be nice to fit in an extra row/column or two.

    Has anyone found some other structure that allows for easy storage. I have limited teepee/tent recipes but of all of them I've worked with so far this is the best one for storage and ease of use sorting.

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    So now I have over 1500 storage, and probably 60% of the floor space populated with mostly the Washoe Gift Basket. That means I'll be probably getting...maybe 2500 or so slots in a teepee? Maybe more. The only issue is that they are not labeled, but 15 big baskets = 750 slots, so little crowds are better (if a bit chaotic at this point).

    It reminds me of when a friend of mine gave me her beading supplies and had a zillion seed bead colors in amber glass chemical bottles she'd gotten from work, jumbled in a shoebox and resistant to markers. I marked them all with masking tape and sharpie, but got to the point I could just pick them out by placement most of the time. Thank goodness or I'd never be able to work with this...!


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    Seconding the labels on baskets. That or being able to dye them different colors or add a color stripe to them with cloth. Thanks.

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