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    Armor Color

    I recently started playing the game. I started with basketry, and made some of the armor.

    I started with recipes for Daogwa pants, shirt & moccosins. As part of the recipe you need to use scrap cloth.

    I used blue denim scrap cloth, and was hopeing it might show in the craft. In the screenshot you can see the red elbows and knees, which is probably where the scrap cloth comes in?

    Are there plans for coloring armor by what color cloth is used? Maybe some type of clothes or tents are allready determined by color(not sure about this im still pretty new to the game), but it would be nice if even basket armor had some color difference.

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    I am making armour with grass and leather and I haven't yet seen colour of the cloth having any impact. To be honest, it would be nice, but it's far down the priority list in my opinion.
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    Cloth does have an effect on some tailoring wears. If you're making things with plastic/leather/ or grass expect there to be one color until we get "dies" in (I assume he'll do this in the long far future). With the tailoring profession, there are a lot lot of variations depending on what cloth is used. However, it doesn't work with all sets yet.

    So I guess the answer is: currently works for many, but not all things in tailoring.

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    So far I've found the only time that cloth has any impact on the color of something is when it's actually the cloth fabric not cloth scraps being used.

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    There are a few neckpiece recipes for LW that can change colors depending on the cloth you use.

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    The Angora Leather skirt depends on cloth color to drastically change the color of its icon in your inventory, but when worn, the differences are hardly noticeable.

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