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    Help with Toolcrafting Please

    My main is currently a 67 Toolcrafter stuck with 123 recipes. Last learned recipe came at 42.
    EVERY found Toolcrafter recipe always says 'You already know this recipe' when r clicked.
    My second account has Toolcrafting of 7 and has learned every one of bugged recipes.
    I sent bug data to support a month ago and not a peep from anyone.

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    Not quite sure what you asking help on. Submit bug report?
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    yes a bug report was sent a month ago. The bug is ALL found recipes seem to be bugged - It may be there is a limit of 123 known recipes. Bug occurs when I don't have that particular recipe. Plus all Toolcrafter recipes are level 5 needed.

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    I think what he is tring to say that he has already proced all his recipes by leveling and in addition can no longer learn new recipes he has found.

    in either case i will wait for feed back from support.
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    There are no more to learn, there are only 123 or 124 tools currently learnable. Any that you find are already in your list. A few have different names on the scheme itself vs the actual tool. One of the updates changed the names and even materials required of some, but a few recipe names weren't updated correctly. Thus even though you may find a tool recipe that isn't in your list, it actually is..the names are just wrong on the scheme.

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    I don't have all of the main set's - I.E. I don't have all of the tools listed for the Pioneer, Scrapper, Trapper, and Forager; much less the named items.

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    so what your saying is there are tools on this list:
    that you dont have and can not learn from the recipes your finding.....
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    I prefer the list's I have posted in several threads in these forums. Apparently the problem is there are too many lists of tools which may or may not be in the game due to differences between pre-launch, launch, and updates since launch. Add to this fact Toolcrafting recipes that may or may not have the correct names on them. The other problem is Toolcrafting recipes ARE ALL LEVEL 5-Unlike the other crafts which have levels required like level 20, 25,30 and so on.

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