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Thread: Some concerns

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    Some concerns

    So i am a refugee from ww2online (battleground europe) and also Neocron 1,2,2.1,2.2 and Wurm.

    So today i fell onto this game and instantly it felt like id want to get into this type of game. I love anything that mixes mmorpg's with sandbox elements.

    So the more i read the more i want it... this looks good. I'm planning on preordering.

    I see they pushed back from april 15 to may 15th.

    I watched every video , read all features, i want in real bad now heh

    This whole Tribe Sandbox game sounds too good to be true. I read all the interviews and the rules are almost perfect with pvp.

    I'm suprised with the small community but also suprised i found this game as well.

    I feel like were a bunch of anti theme-park hand holding mmo's here. This leaves me with 2 concerns:

    1: Paypal payment method please ?

    2: Anti botting of any sort to prevent another Darkfall ?

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    Re:Some concerns

    Welcome to Xsyon! Many of us share your excitement. Having been one who was "lucky" enough to stumble on this game when it was first introduced, I can understand the whole NOT wanting to wait anymore. Let's just be SO grateful it isn't a multi-year wait like....others haha. Since I am hating waiting, I almost wish I did wait and find it later, so I'd have to wait even less :P

    As for the anti-botting, just from the feel I can assume they will be trying to make features to prevent this. Though I cannot point to anything in particular at the moment.

    as for Paypal, you are requesting that as a billing option, yes? Instead of a bank card of some type?

    Welcome again! Glad to see new people finding our haven!

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    Re:Some concerns

    paypal is huge, you can attach credit cards and debit cards to a paypal account. I do not own a credit card myself but i can get my hands on one if i absolutely need to , it happens sometimes, i suggest paypal as i'm pretty sure, altough im not a financial guru, that it would help them reach out new players in an easier way.

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    Re:Some concerns

    Many of us has asked for paypal, Virtus ( the site admin) is working on that when he gets the time, so we will get it before or later hopefully

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    Re:Some concerns

    Right now the best defense we know about against botting is the soft skill cap of Xsyon. If one skill goes up the others will tend to go down probably at a greater rate the higher your skill average. So skills potentially raised by botting will lower possibly more valued skills.

    Leader of Ancient Embers at

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    Re:Some concerns

    No game has solved the bot problem so what makes you think this one will?

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    Re:Some concerns

    I'd be more worried bout the Chinese farm crew's.

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    Re:Some concerns

    zzro wrote:
    I'd be more worried bout the Chinese farm crew's.
    Hewo, you want buy gold?

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    Re:Some concerns

    Palo god wrote:
    zzro wrote:
    I'd be more worried bout the Chinese farm crew's.
    Hewo, you want buy gold?
    I can powerlvl your char in 2 days!
    [img size=500][/img]

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    Re:Some concerns

    zzro wrote:
    I'd be more worried bout the Chinese farm crew's.
    I think this will be harder for them because money can only be gained by doing quests created by people or buying/selling items to people as there will not be any NPC merchants.

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