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    Regarding the name Xsyon

    I've been reading up on Xsyon for a little bit today, and have become interested enough to preorder. However, I've just realized that I'm not sure, exactly, how to pronounce the freaking it prounced X-Ion, Sion, Bob, or some other way I can't think of? Thanks. Looking forward to getting in game.

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    Re:Regarding the name Xsyon

    Search is your friend

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    Re:Regarding the name Xsyon

    think Matrix and say the name again.
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    Re:Regarding the name Xsyon

    Like Zion.

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    Re:Regarding the name Xsyon

    Beauty, thanks. And my search button is broken, as is my think button.

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    Re:Regarding the name Xsyon

    I was just wondering how to say that word.

    This was helpful and pertinent to my needs. I appreciate this thread thanks, you!

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