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    So far I have seen no duarbility difference beween pioneer, forager, scrapper... All knifew have same durability. Anyone else seen this?

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    I think that said it was gong to affect the outcome of the item.
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    Ok I figured it our. Durability is inherited from crafting components. If one recipe requires a stone and a rod then it inherits durability from lowest durability component.

    Stone needle - very high (one stone only)
    Forager chisel - high
    Forager master chisel - moderate (one extra component with low durability regardless of quality)
    Forager screwdriver - high
    Trapper screwdriver - moderate

    Pioneer tools have lowest durability across the board as they all require wood which is in general of low durability regardless of quality.

    Conclusion = Forager tools are best in general as they will last longest due to rocks as main resource. There are some exceptions where forager tools require some extra components that are of low durability (grass etc) but this is rare. Pioneer tools are worst.

    I think this was not intented or needs more refining.

    Pioneer tools are worst.

    I think this was not intented or needs more refining.

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    Thanks for the testing and update. I was wondering about this.

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    No easy task congratz good job....not saying its right or wrong just saying nice train of thought
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    Trapper tools, which give the same bonus as pioneer can be much higher durability due to using bone. I created trapper craft knives with moderate high durability, using not-the-greatest mats and a high quality scrapper's pliers (gives + to durability).

    Also a tip: in any recipe calling for generic thread, string, or twine, try to use the cloth based variant as it has more inherent durability than the grass ones.

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