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    What's up with bear claw knife?

    I have all weapon's recipes except for bear claw knife. I do have the one where you require antlers though. I have grinded over 1000 weapons since and I'm not getting that one at all. Is it an item one can get on creation of character only?

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    weps is just weird i there was a couple of knifes i dident get till way down the line even way after the recipes like shovels and picks.

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    But you did get it trhough grind?

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    I got it pretty easy i think but there where a couple of knives that came way later at like lev 60 +.Thats why there kind of weird a lot of people just have way different...progress with it.

    Im sure you will get it they all work in sets just like armor.

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    Recipes are random.
    Its not bugged.

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    It is more then just random. I got all recipes already at lvl 35 (had to load axes and blades to progress). 30 levels later still only that one missing.

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    Wow... I like it when people apply themselves on forums to speak proper English. I'm French and I think it's embarrassing...

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    I can make bear claw knives, try scavenging for it if you can't get the one you want through weapon grind.

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