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    Quick question on gaining recipes

    do you have to scavenge your recipes, or can you get recipes learned from crafting with bone crafting?

    Unfortunately, I did not start with BC as a skill, so all I have is bone stake. Would I ever get a recipe grinding bone stakes?

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    Yes you will get some.
    Better is to find a recipe (just 1) that's in the bracket of your skill, then train the skill til you unlocked all the recipes for that type. Then learn another recipe. (just one of the type). Train until you unlock each of that type.

    Bone crafting unlocked very few by training just the skill, but if you mix in a few recipes you can get a lot in it.
    Some skills like Tool crafting don't have this limitation.

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    What i did is i took some of my extra skill points, jumped from 5 to 25 bonecrafting. At that point you can start with zephyr deerbone design after you find the recipe, grind stakes and maybe deerbone necklaces until you hit 30. From there try tallac bearbone necklaces, etc.

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