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    Durability of baskets/bins

    Has anyone been able to make better than "Very Low Durability" baskets since the last patches that introduced quality and durability into the game?

    I make the Welmeti variant of baskets/bins/pouches and no matter what tools and what quality of grass I use all items always have very low durability. Old baskets that I made before the patches have varying durabilites, from very low to very high. All baskets I make now have very low durability.

    Basketry skill is 63, tools used are of high and very high quality.
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    Your baskets are actually decaying over time? None of mine are.

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    Baskets do not decay right now. Nor does anything just from "time".
    Only decay that happens is from "use".
    Like a tool, weapon, or armor when it gets hit.

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