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    Seeking high level bonecrafter and weapon crafter

    I was looking for someone to make me some axes and bone armor, if they are high quality or above.

    Have a lot of tools and such I can trade.

    Thank you!


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    If you aren't in urgent need of weapons I will have the skill for that within the week if not sooner. Ah btw plague in zone 861 might make VHQ. weapons.

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    Mmmm i think a few of us are in the market for this level of equipment. Im surprised the people with this kind of skill aren't advertising more.

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    I can make high and vhq armor but my problem is lack of bones to do it.
    Ive been hunting a few days and very few animals about.

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    Hmm. I have half moderate half HQ bone armor now. We have plenty of bones so perhaps I'll bring some down to you DDT.

    What about weapon crafters?


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    I can make some VH if axes if your not looking for anything fancy.Dont really want anything just whisper me in game.

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    VHQ bone armor, already? Damn, i thought i was doing well for myself, turns out im rolling welfare gear.

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