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    Time on these forums

    Just wondering how I can change the forum board time to my local timezone (GMT). It's probably staring me in the face, but I can't find it in settings :S


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    Re:Time on these forums

    best place I can find is go to another section of the site, click settings/profile on the left side above messages and there is a time zone section there, it may or may not change the boards.

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    Re:Time on these forums

    So I went to the home-page, and on the left, there is only "Your Details" and "Messages" under "Account".

    Chose the "Your Details" option, and I can only change me e-mail and/or password.


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    Re:Time on these forums

    Actually i think you can manually change it for people virtue.

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    Re:Time on these forums

    From what I've seen there is only one time, server time, then again the documentation isn't clear
    We have cool new forums... Y~A~Y

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