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Thread: Obsidian

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    I would like to know if anyone has ever REALLY found one.I have crafted tool to 99 with almost nothing but Basalt thats collecting and crafting while im still standing on it and my alt is all ways there as well.So thats pretty much twice the time.I know its rare and all but it cant be this rare just for a tool mat.

    If you have one a screenshot would be awesome.

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    I have never found any either after spending way too much time trying. I have been able to find quartz, chalk, shells, and of course flint. Seems that obsidian is turned off. My perception is 93, so that is not the issue.

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    Im thinking it is off.Sure ive seen people in chat SAY they find it when someone ask how but people lie a lot for whatever reason.I would have gave up a long time ago but I seen a Guide tell someone that its there but just really rare.Who knows though I used to think you couldent find the Giant Drill bit for the screwed club but Bam there it was one day.

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    Yeah.. Those drills can be a pain..

    Have you tried on Basalt perhaps? (I'm just guessing..)

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    I have some obsidian, but I got it from Easter baskets. All that proves is that it exists in game, not how to gather some.
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    Official statement from devs: Obsidian is NOT in the game except pieces given out in reward baskets.

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    Thanks Plague I think this and some other missing crafting items added to the game would be a small and easy thing to do for when they have no real updates on Wednesday.

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    I just found a piece of obsidian, looks like it's in game now.

    But: I didn't find it on basalt but on granite.
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    I can confirm what Larsa has said above. Granite.


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    same here im just fishing away on granite and keep geting obsidian and quartz

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