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    Buying mortar and limestone bricks, any quality

    I have a lot to offer, so just ask and we can work something out.

    Buying 40,000 limestone bricks and 10,000 mortar

    Minimum I trade for is 2,500 bricks or 1,000 mortar.


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    my wrist spasms in pain just thinking about making 2500 bricks.

    dear Lord, pleas send me a macro

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    exactly why i'd rather grind out any item to trade for bricks/mortar. i just hate it so much.

    i really hope limestone bricks decay really at a rate 1 brick every 48 hours decays from the limestone walls


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    What a coincidence then my dear Appollo, that we spoke on general ingame last night.

    As of today (well probably tomorrow - euro time) I will dedicate most of my time making said bricks for you.

    If your tribe will supply me with the needed tools (in the best quality you can make them) I will make bricks (current target is 10K bricks and 5K mortar).
    And as I said already, I'll leave it to my own tribe to work out a good deal for my work .

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    Sounds good I can supply you with as many tools as we have and man, you are one dedicated mason!


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