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    Questions About Solo

    I've decided that I wish to try and play solo from the start. I've already run into many complications surrounding the crafting system.

    I chose the skills: Toolcrafting and Fishing, as I felt they would allow me to solo efficiently. Allowing me to create any tools necessary and also allowing me to feed myself. I have found this not to be the case. With the available recipes, I cannot build anything. To build, I need a long string of objects related to each other, stringing back to a saw and needle. I can not however craft either of these items, meaning that I cannot create wooden handles for other tools or baskets to store my items in. I am effectively stuck at a place where all I can think of doing is grinding out one metal component, in the hope that I will discover a recipe for a tool that will allow me to make everything else.

    If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, or an easier combination of skills that give me these tools from the start, please let me know. I'm not asking for handouts, as I want to do this myself, I simply need the knowledge as to how to do this.

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    You can find recipes through scavenging.
    You also can train up toolcrafting through ANY tool you make. Which will open up a chance to get a recipe.

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    If you want to go solo, one of the best bets at the moment is to go basketry... as you won't be able to scavenge those recipes... I think just about all other recipes you will need can be found scavenging on junkpiles and through grinding.

    You can also find complete tools through scavenging (found a shovel once) but I think you need a fairly high scavenging skill for that. You'll find many other things in the meantime though, and that's where baskets come in handy.

    However, you can trade for anything you need as well. Bit difficult to find folks around some places these days but if you use the "goods and services" sub-forum, I've seen people have luck there.

    Have fun!

    Does anyone know what the most populated zones of the map are these days?

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    I don't think you can go solo starting with basketry, tailoring or masonry. If you want to make your own tools, you are going to need a craft knife, hammer or pliers. With one of those three tools and the right recipes you can make all the other tools. There is at least one tools recipe (one of the seam rolls) that you can make with the starting basketry tools, but that doesn't help you make the other tools you will need. You will only need to trade or find baskets a few times, so to be solo it is best to start with the tools to make more tools.

    You cannot scavenge craft tools only tool recipes. You can scavenge weapons and shovels count as weapons. You will want an axe to chop down trees and a combat knife for hunting and starting fires. While you can eventually scavenge these, you can also choose logging/axes to get an axe and hunting/blades to get a knife.

    You can find the list of starter tools here:

    Weapon craft has a better set of starting tools for tool craft than toolcrafting (pliers > wrench). Woodcraft also works well because you can use the saw to make wooden handles. Architecture, bone craft and leather working are also possible buy you would need more luck with starting/scavenged recipes.

    In any case, to solo you will need to grind tool making till you can replace your starter tools. Don't grind tools using any tool you can't replace. Keep scavenging for patterns as well as materials.

    Keep grinding tools and you will be able to make everything eventually, but be aware that if you wear out your starter tools you will either have to start over or rely on the kindness of strangers.


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