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    master tool trouble

    any 100 tool crafters finding it hard to get there new tools to get to masters?

    Im useing new tools VH withe the quality bonus with all new master mats and the best I can get them to is VH.Only master I have got was a paddle with the right mats so hard to get now this is making my head hurt.The quality bonus seems to do nothing.

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    Ill have to see if i can boost my tools from vh to masters when I get in. Havent tried any new tools yet.

    It is really hard to see what is actually going on, especially since the crafting formula seems to change with each patch. Lack of consistancy is annoying, but we just have to deal with the growing pains, I guess.

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    I would hope they drastically reduced the chance of making supreme and master tools even for 100. Master could be something like 10%, supreme something like 5%. Are you 90 in intelligence and the 90 in the stat that affects toolcrafting (dex)?


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    well so far ive managed to make master plies,shears,punch,hammer,paddle and screwdriver all pioneer trappers screwdriver and weaver.You think its just random % crafting now? Im just not seeing any kind of pattern for making them and to my suprise most I made with tools that dident have the Quality bonus.

    Hum im thinking it has a lot to do with the bonuses you try to put on stuff.If I try to put a mat with Q bonus I (mostly) get VH if I use a mat that only has dmg I always get master.So I think its just stats and what kind of bonus you putting in.

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    Hmm, if using +quality mats and it reduces the quality level of the item, I would say thats a sign error. Someone's math is backwards, hehe. Need to go into the formula and make sure its a + and not a -.

    It would also help to know exactly what all the bonuses do. Does +quality means the resulting item gets a boost to its quality, or does it mean that the item now has a bonus that boosts other stuff made with that item (like a pioneer tool). Also, what are the rules for stacking these bonuses? Does only one of the same bonus count, or can you add multiple bonuses of the same type (one for each material type), etc.

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    yeah im thinking bonuses at least the Quality one is broken Ive gotten better results with out them.

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