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    Bad foot print on new limestone walls?

    I've discovered the foot print for the limestone wall is a bit off when aligning posts next to it. The new limestone walls are the now the same width of the sheet metal walls and I can slide posts "right" next to the sheet metal wall without a gap on either side. I can only do this on one side of the limestone wall. One post will touch the wall, while the other does not.

    Please make it one way the other, but preferably the tight fit like the sheet metal wall. It just looks better IMO.
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    I noticed this with the yakid post, but was also able to turn the post 90 degrees to make it line up that way. Though the 2 corner posts were not facing the same direction, it still all aligned without gaps. (when i learned the yakilid(sp) post I started useing those more.

    The yakilid(sp) post will align on both sides.

    So i think it is the Yakid post not the limestone wall. I am not sure if this is the post you are useing.

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    Most posts aren't square all the way up, but will in general leave gaps if not placed right.

    The Yakitil Corner Post, as the only one, has two sides that leans and two sides that is vertical (they are imo the best corner posts out there if you need them for a corner.)

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    Just curious...

    a while back I couldn't align much of anything if one component was already built. To align things correctly, I had to be working with everything in shadow form, and then start building everything.

    Is this issue related to that?
    Anyone know if that has changed?

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