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    request: options.sav

    greetings, i have a problem because i cant acces the options menu, could someone of you please send me an options.sav with fullscreen enabled ?
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    Re: request: options.sav

    If you delete the file, the patcher should redownload it. Have you tried that?

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    Re:request: options.sav

    yea i did but its still in windowed mode, so i still cant acess the options menue nor log in :/
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    Re:request: options.sav

    What operating system are you running? I wonder if your Save folder is not allowing access to the game?

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    Re:request: options.sav

    I'm running windows 7 ultimate, the problem is that the mouse pointer is in a different position so whan i try to press the options menu or the password field its actually behind the xsyion app.
    could you send me an options.sav xsyon with fullscreen enabled?
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