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    First come first serve?

    So the advertisement says first come first serve when purchasing. I am curious to who is in game and what date they purchased. Basically to get an idea of how long I am going to have to wait to get into the game.

    So when did you order and are you in yet?

    I ordered on the 8th of March and I am not in yet.

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    Re:First come first serve?

    TheMap wrote:
    I ordered on the 8th of March and I am not in yet.

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    Re:First come first serve?

    A lot of people are not in yet. I pre-ordered in February and am not in yet. We were supposed to see some more get in yesterday pending server stability.

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    Re:First come first serve?

    March 2 and I am not in.

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    Re:First come first serve?

    I was told there are only around 20 people in so far. Most of us won't be in for a good while. That's beta for ya... And a paid beta... We love to punish ourselves, I guess. :cheer:

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    Re:First come first serve?

    March 6 and not in yet.

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    Re:First come first serve?

    Pre'd Feb. 26th, got my email to get in just now.

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    Re:First come first serve?

    FFS not in yet -_- come on man, a few more please

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    Re:First come first serve?

    March 2nd,

    Just got the E-mail, downloading now.

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    Re:First come first serve?

    i dont think you can guess when you get in really.. invites come in waves and they wont be same size at all.. they will most likely start inviting alot more when servers seem stable.

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