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    Request: 'X' Logo

    I'm not sure if this should be kept to prelude or some other part of the site, but this seems to be a better place to post as Suggestions seems to be for in-game ideas only.

    My request is an 'X' Icon that I can use for Wiki Purposes. The intention of the logo will be used as a default image for items or structures without an uploaded picture to the wiki website.

    In my personal view, the logo shouldn't be any bigger than 140x140.

    Any help for such a project welcome.
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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    In keeping with the Xsyon theme.... -.-
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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    How taking photoshop and rendering the X in Xsyon, then do whatever other effects you want to add. I don't have photoshop anymore, so I can't do it >.>

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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    Not the best but here:

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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    comestible wrote:
    Lol at shady URL's :P. Had to google first before pressing the link :P

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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    I caution your use of just using an X as the logo for anything with Xsyon. Especially the one above as it looks like it was stripped from one of the "X" universe games. The X by itself is already trademarked.
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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    The use of the X is only on the wiki in which has already been cleared for unofficial use. In terms of Copyright, I placed it in a section that isn't hidden from Developers, and can only assume they have read it. For now thou, its not on any live server and is only accessible by myself.

    Speaking of Copyright, since the wiki use of the logo is to help the game, there should be no repercussions of using it, however before it's actually used I will ensure the wiki has Copyright permissions.
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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    The letter X is copyrighted.

    *Face palm*

    Btw, the X is stripped from the word Xsyon, scroll up.

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    Re:Request: 'X' Logo

    I'm no stranger to copyright, having obtained many copyright rights from other places. The rights to use the logo as I wish is fine provided I don't release or public display the images of such logo.

    Which is why when I displayed my template to another person it didn't use the X logo.

    Which is why I keep this thread bumped to try and at least get either the nod or the shake of Xsyon's head.
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