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    Can't Pre order.

    both me and a friend get this "There was an error with your transaction: This transaction has been declined." when we try to pre order and we have not mis typed anything.

    anyone ells having the same problem?

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    Re:Can't Pre order.

    I had this problem as well. Not sure if this is corrected yet, but message Virtus about this. Possible problem using a debit card?

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    Re:Can't Pre order.

    I was able to complete a pre order with a debit card.

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    Re:Can't Pre order.

    I have the same problem.
    I can't pre-order with my Visa debit card.

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    Re:Can't Pre order.

    If i knew you well enough you could of sent me $40 in paypal and i could of bought you it.

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    Re:Can't Pre order.

    Please submit your problem using the support form. Jooky is already aware that you attempted and it failed, he will be able to tell you why if he hasn't already emailed you and told you.

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