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    Started with zero architect schemes

    Title states the problem.

    Is this a bug or working as intended? I'm not going to reroll or anything but it would be nice to have SOMETHING to build and possibly discover new patterns. As of now, I'm just kinda hosed.

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    its being fixed, So soon things will be back to normal. For now dont do too much on your toon as you may need to reroll.
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    Huh? What's the latest on the architecture recipes and items?

    I've been away from the game for about 90 days until the recipe skill-ups change. I have 50-some skill levels in Arch and I'm building a keep. I don't have need of the tent recipes and most of the walls from the 24 original recipes and I had considered rerolling so I could get a fresh start, but I don't want to waste skill-ups, recourses and time until know if I will be able to get more of the newer recipes.

    Can arch recipes be scavenged now? (I read it was bugged a while back.) If so, can all recipes types be found?

    Do the devs plan to give any of the new recipes to those architects that had advanced their skill levels prior to the release of the new recipes?

    Do we have more recipes incoming? (i.e. bridges and larger floor tiles)
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    i can answer this for ya, 1, dont reroll, 2. they are fixing it so you gain recipes past 100 3. witht he new scavenge/scheme tweak on test they now do drop, 4. their is more planned for the future, ramps-bridges-stairs-ladders-second floor items and the scheme limit will raise depending on what is released. (which will be soon) So hang in their its a coming :-)
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    zero architect

    Is this still being looked at?
    Grinding away and would now not look forward to rerolling but willing to do so if necessary.


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    This is being looked at
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