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    New list of Arch recipes

    I'm working on a list of all the Arch recipes in game, but i need your help!
    Please post the recipes you have +mats needed + tools needed in the thread, and i will add them to the list. Any contribution is great, even if you only have time to add a few.

    Link to the sheet:

    Recipe count: 25

    Edit: Added Severins stuff to the list.

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    Might I suggest making column E be a link to a picture of each one? I'm sure lots of people would love to see what they look like as well. Anyways, great work, glad someone is doing this =)

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    Great work, virror, and I agree with Shaggy, pictures would help a lot

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    May I suggest you also make this editable ONLY by players you can trust.

    There was another spreadsheet put up that got wiped out ..
    It will happen here too if you don't lock it down or just have players send you the info and then YOU post it.

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    It cant be edited now i think, remembered that sheet : )
    Feel free to help me guys by posting Arch recipies thats not in the sheet here!

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    Here's what I have skill to make.

    Scrapper Corrugated Wall - Wall. Tools: Pliers, Wrench. Materials: 4 Large Metal Sheet, 40 Bolts.

    Scrapper Box Tent - Useable Tent. Tools: Pliers, Shears, Wrench, Craft knife. Materials: 2 Cloth Tarp, 7 Medium Metal Sheet, 6 Long Wood Pole, 4 Twine, 20 Bolts.

    Scrapper Smoke House - Small House. Tools: Pliers, Screwdriver, Wrench, Saw. Materials: 6 Medium Wood Board, 2 Medium Metal Sheet, 20 Bolts.

    Scrapper Picnic Canopy - Storage thing. Tools: Pliers, Screwdriver, Wrench. Materials: 3 Short Wood Stud, 2 Medium Metal Sheet, 8 Medium Metal Pole, 20 Bolts.

    Scrapper Hangar Roof - Roof. Tools: Wrench, Drill, Hammer. Materials: 6 Large Metal Sheet, 40 Bolts.

    Banaya Mat Floor - Floor. Tools: Lasher, Weaver. Materials: 10 Grass Mat, 10 Grass Twine.

    Banaya Weskiim Post - Post. Tools: Chisel, Hammer. Materias: 1 Long Wood Post.

    Banaya Habi Post - Post. Tools Chisel, Hammer. Materials: 1 Long Wood Post.

    Banaya Spiked Wall - Wall. Tools: Hammer, Saw. Materials: 10 Long Log, 40 Nails.

    Banaya Log Wall - Wall. Tools: Saw. Materials: 8 Long Log, 4 Cloth Braided Rope.

    Bamati Pointed Teepee - Useable Tent. Tools: Hammer, Saw. Materials: 12 Small Wood Sheet, 4 Medium Wood Stud, 8 Medium Wood Board, 40 Nails.

    Bamati Sheet Teepee - Unuseable big Tent. Tools: Hammer, Saw. Materials: 16 Small Wood Sheet, 8 Medium Wood Stud, 4 Medium Wood Board, 60 Nails.
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    Thanx alot Sev for the help : )

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    One question I have is: do all of these give protection from weather effects and which do not?

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    Dont think decay is in game yet, but i think all roofs, tents and such buildings should give weather protection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melaquinn View Post
    One question I have is: do all of these give protection from weather effects and which do not?
    I asked Jooky: "Will a standalone roof with no walls or floor protect against item/container decay?"

    His reply: "Yes. Walls and floors will eventually increase the protection offered by a roof part but we are still working out the details on how to calculate this."


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