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    Artisan and Master tools

    Has anyone noticed any actual effect on results when crafting with Artisan and/or Master tools?

    The only difference I have seen is that the normal crafting succeeded message is replaced with a message saying you crafted a master item. There is nothing of note about this "master item", however. The quality isn't boosted beyond what you would expect by using normal trapper/pioneer variants and there is no tooltip or visual indication that the item is any different.

    Seriously, if we are going to get new shiny special items that have shiny special effects the mechanism to identify items as shiny and special need to be in place at the time they are introduced into the game. If such indicators aren't yet ready, then we need to at least be told what they are supposed to do. If they are just better bonus versions of the regular tools, fine, but at least give us more info than "gives a 'bonus'".

    For now the artisan and master schemes seem to be nothing more than a notch on the OCD accomplishment belt.

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    Master and Artisan tool increase the applied bonuses of materials that you use.

    For example if you a Bronze part on a weapon, an Agility bonus applies. Master and Artisan tools will increase the value of the applied Agility bonus.

    Edited to add: These bonuses will likely be increased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Edited to add: These bonuses will likely be increased.
    Thanks, this is much needed.

    Also thanks for not being cryptic on what they do, that helps a lot for balancing and testing.

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    Thank you very much for the reply

    Boosting existing bonuses was one theory I had, but in the total absence of info it was just wild speculation.

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    Just a little more info for Artisan and Master tools. It seems the higher level schemes are dependant on having the lower level scheme. For example, you cannot learn Artisan Pioneer's Hammer unless you have the regular Pioneer's Hammer learned. Also, once you learn Artisan Pioneer's Hammer, you cannot delete the regular version. You will recieve a warning that the Artisan tool is dependant on the regular tool.

    I assume this is the same with Master tools. At the moment though, if you try to learn a Master tool without having the Artisan tool you get a confusing message saying you cannot learn any more schemes, as if you have capped the number of schemes for toolmaking. This is definately the wrong error to be giving, as I have room for over 200 more tools before maxing out.

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    There are lots of issues.
    From what Ive found is that these tools are equal to other tools. (At least for weapons which are the easiest to test)

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