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    Pack and Assault Recipies

    Today I was inspired and learned a Dagowa assault piece and a pack recipe at level 45 basketry. The message was definitely different from the standard "You've learned to craft a new item." message.

    Not sure if this should go here or in the bugs area, but this forum looks a little lonely. Has anyone else that didn't start with basketry learned a basketry container recipe lately?


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    Didn't learn a basketry recipe but I learned a piece from the Hellhole deathbone set, which is an improvement from the past where you wouldn't let anything that you didn't have a piece too already.

    Same for me also, got a message along the lines of "You have been inspired to craft a new item"

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    You can indeed learn them, or find a scheme in a scrap pile. Just remember there are more schemes out there than you can actually know. My tribe mate has no room for all of the assault set because she has all those baskets she loves so much.

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    LOL, yeah, I keep dumping gear for new baskets too... I don't think I will ever bother to make the gear. You do have to make choices, as Dakeen mentioned.

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