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    I'm confused (Help on preorder)

    I have read a few posts and I'm more confused then when I started.

    Just the facts please:

    1. If I order before April 15th - I get what?
    2. The projected start date is ?
    3. If I dont order before April 15th can I still play in the Prelude?

    That is all

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    Re: I'm confused (Help on preorder)

    The prelude is the first chapter.
    The release date has been pushed back to may 15th
    If you preorder now you get two free months When the Prelude starts
    Weapon of your choice
    Early access to test the game , This includes buidling the world one week before the game is in full swing!

    So pre order now to get early access and "test" the game , But rest assured people are being let in slowly but surely

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    Re: I'm confused (Help on preorder)

    Just a small addition to avoid disappointment :

    "We've decided to set a final wipe "Year Zero" on May 15th. If necessary we will push this forward until the game is fully ready. Our goal is to continue testing, tweaking and improving Xsyon without forcing a rush to the finish."

    So 15th of May may not be the final date.

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    Re:I'm confused (Help on preorder)

    Thanks Guys!! :cheer:

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