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    what clothing are better

    ok i have a question about quality, type and bonus.

    What i do understand is that you can get more bonus in to your product by choice of ingredients with a bonus. I also see if you use high quality ingredients the product will be of a higher quality. I have the following questions:

    - use of a better tool do this have influence of the outcoming product quality
    - when a product need more ingredients and you use all bonus ingrediens will the bonus of the product be a total sum of all bonus.
    - will a product with a high skill need be better then low skill need example (truckee gambeson and a high skill need rubicon gambeson). Ore is the quelity better because the hi end stuf needs more ingredients
    -how can i see i did make a better product. I do know i can see the bonus but not the amount. Like your product have 20 % armor bonus. Now i only see your product have armor bonus. Exception for the bonus on stats i see the work wel

    If you fellow citizens can anser some of my questions i will be very happy.

    See you in game greetings Snakepit.

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    -Tools, material quality used as well as skill and stats affect the quality of your end products. Artisan and Master tools, will instead give you a chance to increase the bonuses you get from your special ingredients.
    Thread about Artisan and Master tools

    -All the different bonuses from the different materials used will be added up yes.
    -From what I've read so far, a product you learn with higher skill does not necessarily have to be any better, but maybe someone else can provide you with more details here if normal higher skill recipes are in some way better than lower skill ones.
    -Currently not at all directly, unless for direct stats look at your stats or with testing it out with someone else in combat.

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    thanks rion this is helping me to understand the game. Thank you

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