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Thread: Enlighten me?

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    Enlighten me? *SPOILERS*

    Can anyone enlighten me on the technique to build multi-level structures. I've seen youtube videos with them so I know it's possible. I'm just perplexed about how it is done.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. build the dirt up to the exact height of where your top floor will be and then place your structures. (do not complete them)
    2. Dig the dirt out by standing on the edge of your dirt mound and then slowly tap your movement key until you fall onto the angle part of your dirt mound (kind of hard to explain this step, but you want to be close to the ground without actually being on the ground) - once you position yourself dig down and you will be able to continue this until you have dig out the dirt.
    3. Next step is to dig the dirt out completely until you have floating structures.
    4. Place your next structures and slide them underneath your floating ones and you will have a multi-floor setup (don't forget to put your ramps in as stairs)
    5. Last step is to start completing your structures, after you complete your ramp you can walk up it to start completing the next level of structures.

    when you are done you will have a multi-floor house/building

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithStone View Post
    when you are done you will have a multi-floor house/building
    Thanks VERY much!

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    Is there a minimum height you must have for the dirt ? Tried that technique with only 2mtrs (4 times terraforming up) and i always get the message that a structure is in the way or something like that.

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    Two tips here I can add...

    1. How high you go up depends on the building piece..

    As an example, for a granite wall piece, you stack 4 units high or 8 raises sine each raise is .50 units.

    So say you have a base of 520.00. You stack dirt to a height of 524.00 and place the piece on top.
    The real problem is that you cannot easily put on wall section directly under another without a .10 gap.
    You can however, place the lower walls on the outside of the one above for a cool stair step effect. ( think very steep pyramid )

    2. When removing dirt from under a structure, on one corner if you can stand very close ( even in ) the dirt, then try using the level command instead of dig.
    You will find that it removes the dirt and will leave you with a flat tile that is easier to level. with practice and working with rows of dirt as opposed to large squares,
    you will progress faster, level the dirt below easier and have more fun doing the project.

    when you make that first lvl and are on the flat tile you will notice you can walk forward into the corner again and down a bit as well. Just stay at a height of .20 or less in the corner and it will level to an even .00. then use one dig command to return back to your level base.

    If any would like to see this come by zone 896 pos 700/600 some time and Ill be happy to demonstrate.

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