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    Info On Learning New Crafting Schemes?

    So far I have gained the following information:

    1.) There is no way to determine when a character will learn new schemes from crafting.
    2.) Having over 50% Thirst and Hunger increases a player's chance to learn new schemes while crafting.
    3.) Intelligence increases a player's chance to learn new schemes while crafting.
    4.) Schemes can be found by scavenging in junk piles, these have skill level requirements

    I've experienced some strange phenomena... like magically learning 9 toolcrafting schemes when I hit 16.9 skill in toolcrafting.

    Are there any other concepts/modifiers in the game which increase a player's chance to learn new crafting schemes or find new crafting schemes?

    Will skilling up faster in a crafting skill increase a player's chance to learn new crafting schemes?

    At a certain skill level will players automatically learn certain schemes as a guarantee (I.E. my 9 schemes I was awarded at 16.9 skill in toolcrafting), or is it completely random?

    Toolcrafting is especially important as it is the building block for every other profession. I'm recommending most players go basketweaving for containers, then grinding toolcrafting in order to gain a wide variety of tools, so they may then choose what specific profession they wish to focus on.

    Thank you for your help and I hope to use this information to help other players who are starting out in Xsyon.

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    Some schemes are level based but are automatic. For example, the light and heavy armor plates in basketry come after level 25 skill. These do not come precisely at achieving 25.0 skill, but will likely come 4-5 craft actions later. I've never seen this in tool crafting, but have seen it in basketry, weapon crafting, and architecture.

    Basketry, leather crafting, bone crafting, and weapon crafting have sets. There are two types of results in learning a new scheme: "you learn a new scheme" and the less common "you have been inspired and learn a new scheme." For example, if you do not know any schemes in the Aloha leather set, you will need to be inspired to learn a scheme in that set or find a scheme. Once you know one scheme in a set, you will not need to be inspired to learn more.

    As far as finding schemes, high perception and scavenging are the keys.

    Skilling up faster in a craft probably will not help learn more recipes. The chance of being inspired to learn a new scheme seems to be based mostly on a random number. Grinding recipes with using more tools and materials or higher lever recipes will give more skill gain, but doesn't seem to help learning more schemes.

    Please do not recommend basketry as the starting skill. Right now tribes have no need for high level basketry skills. Low level baskets last as long (forever) as high level baskets and grass armor is not worn. If a player wants to go solo as long as possible, basketry has the worst set of starting tools for tool crafting. Weapon crafting, architecture and even wood crafting have good starting tools for tool crafting.

    Recommending that everyone grind tool crafting at the start is good advice. A solo player will need to replace quickly replace the starter tools. In a tribe you'll get a good set of tools, but it's nice be able to make your own grind tools so you don't have to bug the tribe's master toolmaker constantly.


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    I appreciate the wealth of information, but what is a new player supposed to use for storage if they do not go basketweaving? I'm guessing they'll have to trade or grind basketweaving and hope? In addition, if not basketweaving, why would weapon crafting, architecture, or wood crafting be better starting options than tool crafting?

    Also I'm suggesting new players start with the knife as their weapon (for making fires, etc.) and go logging if they wish to cut down trees as they get a free axe.

    Thanks again for all the help, it's very useful.

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    There are plenty of baskets laying around, but it's always easy to trade a little labor for a few baskets and more importantly pouches.

    Weapon crafting has the same set of starting tools as tool crafting, except it has pliers instead of a wrench. You need pliers to make a craft knife which is probably the most important tool. Architecture and wood crafting both start with saws which is the hardest tool to get when you are starting out. Because there is only one recipe you don't start with in wood crafting, I wouldn't recommend starting with it, but still you do get a saw.

    Starting with both a knife and axe is good, but you can get the same result selecting axe as your weapon skill and hunting as your gathering skill. Since critters are hard to find and currently there is a tree every couple meters, hunting is harder raise then logging. It really boils down to what you want as a weapon skill. Axes do a lot of damage but knives are fast (more hits mean more skill gain). Axes are also heavy and carrying one for each hand is much more weight than two knives. Still, if you want to be combat oriented, I'd recommend axes (or picks if you want to be different).


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    It is also important to note that once you reach 100 skill, you can no longer learn new schemes through grinding or inspiration. That means that the only way for you to get any newly introduced schemes will be to scavenge or trade for them if you have hit the current 100 max for a skill.

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