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    Newbie Questions about Scanveging

    Hi There,

    am I doing something wrong, every time i am going to digg for scrap metal, and after i sorted it, there are no nails. I find almost every kind of Iron things, but no Nails. And I am searching for them for a very long time.

    Are there different types of nodes, where i can find nails?

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    Different Regions will hold different types of scavenged items.
    This does not go on Zone Number, but Region Name.

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    The best way to find nails is scavenging. One scavenge action might find up to 175 nails and they will all be of the same type. Gathering and sorting metal will find 0 to 4 nails.

    More importantly, gathering will eventually deplete the junk. Scavenging will not.


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    aaah i see thx very much

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