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    Learning new toolcrafting recipies.

    Hey fellas. Just returned to the game after 6 months away and loving some of the new features.

    Just a quick question. Do you no longer learn new tool recipies from grinding your toolcraft? If not how are they learned? At certain levels of toolcraft? Or do you have to find the schematics now?

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    You still learn new schemes by grinding, although you will learn fewer than you did at launch. There are more schemes now as each basic scheme has an artisans and masters version. You can also find toolcrafting patterns. The artisans patterns are as common as the basic ones, and can be learned at skill level 60. The masters patterns are rare and can be learned at level 80.

    If you are at level 100 skill in toolcrafting, you will not learn new schemes and will have to find the patterns.


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    Thank-you for the quick and concise answers mate.

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